Lil Wayne Says They’ll Never Be Another Drake Or Nicki Minaj


Lil Wayne caught heat last week after it was reported that he sold Drake and Nicki Minaj’s master as part of a $100 million deal.

He recently sat down to speak with Sovereign Brands, who asked him whether he was looking for the next Drake or Nicki Minaj.

Weezy says there’s no such thing:

“There’s no such thing, I hate when people ask me that. There’s no such thing as the next Drake or Nicki,” Wayne said. “We do that. What happens is, I guess back then when I did discover Drake and Nicki, the game was different. Music was different. What I mean by that is they came in right before the whole social media popped off, they came when music had everybody’s attention. Meaning it had everybody looking to say, ‘What is next? Who is next?’ You had a choice to say, ‘This is what’s next.’ That’s not what it is these days.”


He added: “Now there are a thousand new things a day. Given that fact, unfortunately, you gotta be more than someone to become a Drake or a Nicki these days. Right when you think you’re Drake or you’re Nicki, they are about to post something of a little 6-year-old saying something that’s more popping than one of your songs.”

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