Lil Wayne: I Tried To Commit Suicide When I Was 12!!

Lil Wayne says he tried to kill himself when he was 12.

“I picked up the phone, I called the police,” he said on the “Uncomfortable Conversations” segment. “Yes I knew where she put her gun and it was in her bedroom. And so I went in her bedroom, grabbed the gun. I already made the phone call, looked in the mirror.”

He says he pointed the gun at his head and got scared. Then he pointed it at his heart and pulled the trigger.

“Then I said ‘F*ck it’. Biggie was on. I’m looking in the mirror, so you could look through the mirror and the television was behind me. So I was watching the video through the mirror. ‘One More Chance’ was on. And Biggie was already gone or something,” he said. “So I was looking, I was like, ‘You know what?’ Start thinking I had to get myself mad and noticed that I didn’t have to. that’s what scared me. How I knew I had a mental health problem was when I pulled the trigger.”

Lil Wayne says a cop named “Uncle Bob” saved him.

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