Lil Reese Mocks Famous Dex For Checking Into Rehab

Chicago rapper Lil Reese took to Twitter to mock Famous Dex after he was admitted to rehab earlier this month.

 “Famous dex check into the rehab I knew he had to been off some tweakin wit me like imma goofy that dude was off the coke I’m happy for him tho,” he wrote.

Fans became concerned after Dex took to Instagram Live a few weeks back, seemingly under the influence, looking sickly and frail. He then responded to claims by fans that he was high on drugs — refuting them saying he only smokes weed.

“Stop worrying about the next mothaf*cka that’s doing drugs… The world of drugs,” Dex responded. “I used to love doing whatever. I got money, I could do whatever the f*ck I wanna do, goofy ass bitch. F*ck you worried about me fo’?” However, it appears the drug use finally caught up with him. 


His team later revealed that he had been taken to rehab to get help — but did not specify what for.

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