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Lil Pump Vows To Leave The US If Trump Isn't Re-Elected!!

Rapper Lil Pump has threatened to leave the United States if President Trump is not reelected this month.

"Yo, no cap... If Trump does not get elected, I'm moving the f*ck out of here n*gga," said Pump. "I'm going to Colombia, f*ck it."

Trump is one of a few rappers who have spoken out in favor of Trump. After making the declaration, Twitter reacted, seemingly in favor of Pump leaving the country.

Like a few rappers Pump seems to be supporting Trump because of Joe Biden's proposed tax plan.

"All I gotta say is Trump 2020 bitch," he said. "F*ck I look like paying a extra 33 is tax for Biden, bitch ass n*gga. F*ck sleepy Joe n*gga Trump 2020 bitch."

During the rally, Pump took several photos with other Trump supporters while wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Is he trying to revive his failing career by trying to tap into Trump's fanbase?

Here are some of the reactions to his ultimatum below.