Lil Pump To Eminem: You're Lame As Hell!!

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Lil Pump is back to his attention-seeking ways and decided to throw a jab at Detroit rapper Eminem in a new video shared to his social media.

"Aye, f*ck Eminem," Pump said in the clip. "You is lame as hell. Ain't nobody listening to your old ass. You lame as f*ck, bitch."

We're not sure why Pump is going in on Em, but there's a good chance he can expect a response at some point... it just might not be in the very near future.

Earlier this month, Pump made headlines when he appeared to claim that he was father to a baby boy on social media -- but it turns out that the baby does not belong to him.

Days later TMZ revealed the baby boy is actually the son of Andre Malek, a yacht captain who operates charters in Miami.


Several weeks prior, Pump lost almost 300,000 fans when he publicly endorsed Donald Trump for president, even attending rallies to cosign him.