Lil Nas X Says To Parents: 'F**K YOUR KIDS'


Rapper Lil Nas X loves to stir up controversy. And in a new interview with The Breakfast Club the openly gay rapper decided to tell parents that he "doesn't give a f**k" about the children who listen to his music.

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Lil Nas X's music is constantly pushed towards children and young audiences, despite having very adult language and themes in it. And his music videos are even more controversial - exhibiting raunchy sexual behavior and satanism.

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But despite Lil Nas X's adult theme'd music - it's being actively pushed to children. For example Lil Nas X was the feature performer at the Nickelodeon Awards, and he performed a concert last year for 8-12 year olds, on the popular children's gaming platform Roblox.

The Breakfast Club asked Lil Nas X whether he felt that he had some degree of responsibility to children, given they are such a big part of his audience. Lil Nas X responded by saying "F**k your kids."