Lil Nas X Denies Being Gay For Success

Lil Nas X clapped back at haters who accused him of being gay for success.

“Y’all love saying i’m being gay for success but can’t name 5 successful gay male artists in the last 10 years to save your life,” he tweeted.

 “I’m not dissing anyone. I’m acknowledging the fact that we aren’t usually as successful as our peers,” adding “It’s a million n*ggas in the industry that make nothing but songs about women and y’all don’t complain. but i make my first song about a n*gga and now it’s my entire artistry. y’all crack me up man.”

The rapper expressed his glee recently after Rihanna shouted him out for his recent single, “Montero.” She heard it before it was released last month.


“I heard a clip of your new song the other day,” she said in the clip. “Banging…. I’m not just saying that, honest to God, I’m not just saying that. It is dope…. I’m so glad because you came so strong in the beginning. That kinda gets tricky, like, where do you go next? But man, you’re killing it. I’m happy for you.”

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