Lil’ Flip Says He Wants $500k To Do A ‘Verzuz’ Against T.I


Lil Flip says he’d only be willing to do a Verzuz against T.I. if he’s paid $500k.

The Houston rapper has had beefs with T.I. for years and both exchanged diss tracks.

“At first my number was, like, $3million and then it was a million, but now after I got a chance to go be on the Verzuz set in person and have fun, anything around the $500K mark is cool because I had so much fun,” Flip told DJ Vlad.

 “When you’re Flip Mayweather, you don’t pick your opponents. Put them in front of me and I’ll handle my business.”

Flip previously said he would do a Verzuz with T.I. after seeing Gucci Mane and Jeezy go head to head.

 “A lot of people ask that. I don’t know. It’s possible, but if Verzuz want me to do something, man, Imma need a real, real big bag, ’cause somebody makin’ some money off of that. Somebody gettin’ some money. You know what I mean? But uh, yeah, it’s possible. It’s gon’ take a real nice bag,” he said.


Fans say Flip doesn’t have enough hits to go up against T.I.

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