Lil Dicky Says He’s Not Proud Of ‘White Dude’ Song

Lil Dicky has said that he’s not proud of his music video for “White Dude.”

He faced backlash over the video as he appeared to flaunt his white privilege.

“Even though I knew I was never serious with it and it was just a joke, it just didn’t feel like a joke I was proud of. And I don’t like making jokes I’m not proud of,” he said.

The rapper, who is also now an actor, says he recognizes “how insensitive my art can be, but I’m a very sensitive person and I hate offending people. If I see anybody that’s offended by something I’m doing, it really hurts my heart, truly.”

Lil Dicky also had a music video with Chris Brown, where he becomes the singer for the day.

“With Chris Brown, we can do one of two things: We can never hear from him again and say ‘I won’t accept any Chris Brown whatsoever,’ or I feel like we can allow him to use his talent for good. When I see people react to the song, I really think that it makes people laugh and it makes people happy. I don’t think it’s the type of thing that really is making the world a worse place, on a micro-specific, talking-about-the-song level,” he said.


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