Lil Baby’s SECRET SON Discovered: Baby Mama Says ‘My Son Deserves To Know His Dad’!! (Pics)

Up until now, we all assumed that rap superstar Lil Baby had two children. Well MTO News has now learned that he may have a third child – a SECRET SON who is the rapper’s first born.

Currently Lil Baby claims to have two children, Jason (whose mother is ex, Ayesha) and Loyal, whose mother is IG influencer Jayda.

Now he may have a third – who is the eldest. And it doesn’t appear that we need a paternity test for this child . . . cause MTO News confirmed that he looks EXACTLY like Lil Baby.

The alleged secret son’s mother – who is a successful nail technician in Atlanta – came forward on social media over the weekend, to blast Lil Baby for being a deadbeat dad.

She posted a picture of her son, and the boy is a spitting image of his rapper dad.

And if you’re not convinced of the paternity yet, check out the video of the young man playing with the money his mom earned at her nail shop. That is Lil Baby’s son . . . .

The mom, however, claims she’s not interested in child support. She just wants her son to “know his father.”

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