Lil Baby On Why He Doesn’t Get Too Political

Lil Baby has revealed why he chooses to remain silent on most political issues.

“It wasn’t just that incident because it was bigger than that incident,” he said of his George Floyd song. “Not saying that incident was not bigger than other incidents, but it was just my chance to speak on the whole thing.” 

He continued, “I don’t really catch what’s going on or what people are saying,” he said, adding that the 2020 protests couldn’t be ignored. “I don’t really wanna just speak on situations, especially when I don’t know the whole backstory — something I say might get misinterpreted. So, I’m quiet as far as me posting.”


“I speak through my art,” said Baby. “I’m not gonna be a George Floyd advocate only,” he says. “”I know people, personally, who got killed by the police. That would be fake of me to post about [Floyd] when I ain’t even post about somebody I know who is going through [a similar situation].”

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