‘LHHATL’s Arkansas Mo Denied Bail Over Google Searches

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Arkansas Mo has been denied bail after his arrest over the coronavirus relief PPP scams.

The reality television star asked for bail because he wanted to take his daughter to college and get his affairs in order before being sentenced in September. But prosecutors say that he needs to stay behind bars as he was secretly Googling which countries did and did not have an extradition order with the US.

In other words, if he fled the country, which country would not be obligated to send him back home.


Prosecutors also say that Mo often boasted about scamming people and that he is a danger to the public. They also say that he told a witness that he would not do time in jail. His actions were sloppy. So his bail has been denied and he will sit there until sentencing.

Should they have let him out or were they right to keep him locked up?

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