LeToya Luckett Takes Back Husband; After ‘CHEATING’ Scandal!!

Letoya Luckett is no longer getting divorced, MTO News has learned. Months ago her marriage appeared to be over after rumors swirled of her husband’s cheating . . .  but that was last year and now it seems Letoya wants to turn the page.

Last year was a rough one for LeToya and her husband, Tommicus Walker. Over the summer online reports suggested that Tommicus had been cheating on her with Instagram groupies. One woman was allegedly shopping around to various tabloids a video of her and Tommicus together.

While the rumors were never confirmed, LeToya took them to heart, and – and given that she was expecting the birth of their second child – she separated from Tommicus.


After the story broke of Tommicus’ alleged cheating LeToya removed the title of “wife” from her IG bio.

Well, it now seems that LeToya is prepared to take her husband back.

Yesterday, she restored the title “wife” to her bio making it clear to everyone that she plans to remain in her marriage.

It’s not clear exactly WHAT Tommicus said to change his wife’s mind . . . but we’re pretty sure the man did some serious begging . . .

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