LeBron James Argues w/ Blonde During Game ‘Shut Up Dumb B*TCH’

LeBron James got into an argument with a blonde during last night’s Lakers/Hawks game in Atlanta, MTO News has learned. The woman claims she was defending her husband, when Bron told her to “shut up dumb b*tch.”

The incident happened, after the woman’s husband was heckling the NBA superstar. A limited number of fans were allowed to attend the game in Atlanta, and given how small the crowd was – players can hear every insult hurled at them.

And Lebron responded to the man’s heckles. It’s not clear exactly what Lebron said in response, but the man’s wife – the blonde – stood up and started arguing with Bron.

The woman explained that she stood up and yelled at Lebron, “Don’t f*cking talk to my husband like that. If you do it again, I will f*ck you up.”

She then claims Lebron responded to her, ‘Shut your mouth b*tch.” Watch:

Here’s a pic of the woman and the husband whom she defended:

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