LaVar Ball Takes Credit For Trump’s Election Defeat: Now He Gotta Go!!

Former NBA star LaVar Ball has claimed that President Trump might have won the election if they were still on friendly terms.

During this week’s episode of the BroBible podcast this week, he said that if Trump never went at him in 2017 when his son, LiAngelo Ball, was arrested in China for shoplifting, he’d have another four years in the White House.

“If he would’ve never act a fool, he’d still be president,” Ball said. “I would’ve been there with him, I woulda helped him out. You wanna act crazy with the Big Baller, guess what happens? Anybody real crazy with me don’t last long. … anyone messed with Big Ballers in the long run, it’s not gonna work out for you. If Trump would’ve accepted my shoes and not actin’ a fool, he would still be president. Now he gotta go. Oh well.”

In November 2017, LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA basketball players were arrested in China for allegedly stealing a pair of sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store.


LaVar was unhappy that Trump did not personally intervene.

“If he never did that to Big Baller I would have been like ‘Trump’s our guy, let’s roll!'” he continued. “Everybody would’ve been like ‘we’re voting, let’s go.'”

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