LaVar Ball Says His Son’s Will Only Meet ‘Hoes’ In The NBA

LaVar Ball is making headlines after boldly stating that his sons will only meet “hoes” as long as they are playing in the NBA.

“You’re never going to meet a nice woman — especially in basketball,” LaVar said on the Endless Hustle Podcast. “You’re not going to find nobody like I found your mom. “If you’re in this profession, you got all this fame and notoriety — how are you going to meet a good girl? You’re not.”

He said if players are meeting women at restaurants, clubs or in the stands at basketball games — the relationship will not last.


“So, I hate to tell you but you’re going to meet a hoe. Just how it goes, son,” he said. “So son, that’s the bad part of the life you’re going to get — you’re never going to meet a good woman.”

He said that this means his sons probably settle down until their 30s — but that also posed an issue for LaVar.

“You gotta wonder why she’s by herself at 30,” he said. “So there’s something that’s dangerous no matter how good they look — but have a good time son. I feel bad for you — but, hey, I love the fact you made it.”

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