Las Vegas News Anchor Feven Kay Arrested After Found Nude & Drunk!! (Video)

One of Las Vegas most popular – and most beautiful – tv news anchors was arrested last month, MTO News has confirmed. Police say that they found Feven Kifle Giorgis  at 7:30 AM on Saturday, March 20, 2021 – passed out naked at the wheel of her Audi. 

When the cops showed up and asked her to get out of the car, she reeked of alcohol, MTO News has learned. Then the Fox 5 Vegas news anchor told police that she had no memory of how she got there.

She refused to give a blood test, and was charged with reckless driving with a disregard for the safety of a person or property. She was also given a  $1,000 fine and required to complete driving school.

News of her arrest leaked yesterday and went viral. She went on TV, and apologized for her embarrassing arrest. Many of you have noticed I’ve been off-air for a few weeks.” She then addressed the incident of her arrest.

The anchor also said, ‘As I move forward, I want you to know I have learned from this and I will continue learning.’

Feven is an Ethiopian native who was born and raised in California. The Fox 5 news anchor graduated from Bakersfield College in 2005 and later got a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from California State University-Northridge in 2013.

Feven, also known as Feven Kay among viewers, hosts the Vegas morning news shift from 4 am to 7 am on weekdays. She has been working with Fox 5 since 2018 as a news anchor and reporter. 

The news anchor is a popular social media personality as well. Feven Kay has over 21K followers on her Instagram handle.

Here are some pictures of her:

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