Larissa From 90 Day Fiancé Sounds SUICIDAL On Instagram!!

90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima was recently in the news, after getting another aggressive plastic surgery procedure – this time to increase her bustline to a whopping 1500cc of volume. 

After the surgery, MTO News confirmed that many 90 Day Fiance followers began pleading with her to stop with the surgeries. One advised “please stop” while she’s ahead. To which Larissa replied “nope.”

Now it seems like all the criticism may be driving Larissa to a dark place.

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When Larissa finally released pics of herself post-surgery, 90 Day Fiance fans said she looked like a blowup doll and Larissa taunted back with “that’s the goal.”


Well this week, Larissa is saying that her life hit rock bottom, MTO News confirmed. Then posted a quote that could be read as a red flag. It’s from Alan Watts, a British philosopher who mainstreamed Eastern philosophy for the English-speaking world. While showing off her most recent surgical enhancements, she played this Watts’ quote. It said it’s better to enjoy a shorter life “full of what you like doing” rather than a longer one “spent in a miserable way”.


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