‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville:  Martell Holt Says Wife Melody Is Bad In Bed

Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Melody Holt has responded to her estranged husband, Martell Holt’s claims that he cheated on her because she was bad in bed.

 “At the end of the day, it wasn’t a situation to where I was doing something before the marriage, cause that’s wrong, let me be clear. You don’t start out in the relationship one way and then switch that stuff up when you get married. That’s not okay,” she said.

“So for me, I never was always giving you this every day. Okay? And it never was requested either. So what I really feel to be quite frank, is that for whatever reason, maybe when he stepped out or whatever, he started feeling like, ‘Oh, I want this every day.'”


She said Martell wanted oral sex every day and she did not want to do it. She says she did not do it every day when they first started dating.

 “Well, I’m sorry. But I’m not about to do that every day. And I didn’t start out doing it every day,” she told Funky Dineva, adding, , “I did it, throughout my marriage. I just wasn’t about to do it every day.”

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