LaMelo Ball Being Sued By Publicist Who Says He Owes Her Millions


 Amber Johnson, former publicist for LaMelo Ball, is suing him for millions of dollars.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Johnson claims LaMelo hired her in 2019 to work on different business deals for him. She says they agreed she would be paid 10 percent of the profits plus any out-of-pocket expenses she incurred in the process.

LaMelo Ball then signed an endorsement deal with Puma worth an estimated $100 million in October 2020. But she did not receive her cut.

Johnson says she got the baller a video game streaming show and streaming service and that she helped facilitate communication between Puma and LaMelo Ball.

Ball’s agent and manager Jermaine Jackson told Johnson to stop talks with Puma because Ball was probably going to end up signing with Nike. But the deal with Puma went ahead. She “alleges that she was integral in identifying a potential deal between Ball and Puma,” and wants the $10 million she is owed.

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