Lamar Odom: Todrick Hall Is Just Caught Up In Fame!!


Celebrity Big Brother contestant Todrick Hall put Lamar Odom for eviction on Friday and Lamar was evicted from the house.

At first, Lamar was big angry with Todrick, but now that he’s had a few days to cool down, he says that he has no issue with his former housemate.

“I think Todrick is just caught up in fame, and what comes along with it,” said Lamar. “How to come across to people the right way. He can probably seem very vain and self-centered at times and I don’t think he meant to do that.”


“Fame is a strong drug and if you don’t know how to harness it, or steer it, you can rub a lot of people the wrong way. Even if you don’t mean to. And I think with the lights, camera action being on him all the time, I think it made it easy for him to get into that comfort zone of ‘me me me.’ And it ain’t really all about ‘you, you, you.'”

He continued: “He is a self-made star, or celebrity, which I can respect,. But, you know, there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with that, and at 36, I think he is still learning who Todrick really is.”

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