Lamar Odom: The Beef Between Me & Tristan Thompson Could Have Turned Ugly!!

Lamar Odom says the beef between him and Tristan Thompson could have gone all the way left last week.

Lamar made headlines after he commented on a thirst trap posted by Khloe and was threatened by Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan. Tristan posted “God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results.” 

Lamar sat down for an interview with Meghan Pormer, who asked Lamar about the incident.


“He doesn’t really know me” said Lamar before quoting the Bible. He added that the beef “could have been really ugly,” but said he refused to take it there because Tristan is “a Black man in the NBA, so we’re fraternity brothers, at the end of the day.” 

He said that it was Tristan who crossed the line and that he “wishes him the best” and still did not roast him for repeatedly cheating on Khloe. “I’m not one to judge how he tends to treat a woman… I wish it wasn’t that woman.”

He was also asked whether he wanted to get back with Khloe:

Lamar responded, “oh in a heartbeat –I mean yeah I would.Will she get back with me though? l don’t know that would be a whole different,” he said.

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