Lamar Odom Confirms Docuseries: I Decided to Tell My Own Truth

Lamar Odom has finally confirmed that a docuseries about his life is on the way.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the docuseries will focus on his life and athletic career and the many ups and downs along the way.

“I decided to tell my own truth through my documentary,” Odom says. “I think this will give my fans a look into my life and to understand who Lamar Odom is and hopefully I will be able to inspire people. I might not have made the best decisions a lot of times throughout my life, but I surely am a product of my environment that has made me. I think Jojo Ryder did a great job showing my real story and diving deep into my childhood and my roots.”


Production on Lamar’s documentary series is nearly complete and is being shopped to buyers. The documentary will air sometime in 2021.

Former NBA teammate Chris Paul, who is featured in the series said: “Lamar’s story is like no other. He has shown resilience both on and off the court and I’m happy I was able to support my brother with this project.”

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