Lamar Odom Begs For Khloe Kardashian’s Friendship: It Would Be A Blessing

Lamar Odom is still trying to get Khloe Kardashian to reach out to him.

“It would be a blessing just to be in her presence, but I understand that sh*t happened and people move on in their lives,” he told ET. “If I could be her friend that would just be a blessing.”

“They asked me a lot about Khloe on this show,” he continued. “Any time a woman stands by you after making such a huge mistake and is there for you when I couldn’t walk, or talk, or even wipe my own backside… I don’t think you could ever forget about that person, especially if you married this person after 30 days of knowing each other.”

“I just try to be as honest and transparent about our relationship as possible,” he said about why he talked about Khloe so much on the show.


“Maybe it might help somebody else who has a position of power because of who they’re married to, what they retained on their own, maybe help make their own right decision,” he said. “You never know reasoning, just trying to find out why I’m still here in a lot of cases.”

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