Lamar Jackson Denies He Left Game To Poop During ‘Monday Night Football’

NFL player Lamar Jackson is denying allegations that during the game’s fourth quarter, he ran to the locker room after suffering from “cramps,” according to the ESPN broadcast.

Jackson was seen darting away from the field to the locker room. When he returned, he threw a touchdown on fourth down to Marquise Brown that gave the Ravens a 42-35 lead with 1:51.

“I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce,” Jackson said.

He was referring to the former Boston Celtics star, who was carried off the court in a wheelchair for an apparent bathroom break during the 2008 playoffs. Jackson says he ran to the locker room to get treatment for cramps because of the cold and required intravenous fluids.

Viewers took to social media to clown Jackson. But some of his own teammates even joined in, sharing memes mocking their fellow player.

Take a look at the footage. Does it look like Jackson was in need of a poop — or do you believe his “cramps” story?

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