Kylie Jenner Denies Bullying Model

Kylie Jenner has denied a recent allegation from model Victoria Vanna that she bullied her on the set of Tyga’s “Ice Cream Man” music video.

 “.. this never happened,” said Kylie in the video’s comments section.

According to the model, Kylie and her friends began pointing and making fun of her as soon as she stepped onto the set. The experience drove her to tears.

“They were all in there, eating McDonald’s, and then I was like walking by and I could just hear them… They’re literally still talking about me,” she said. “I felt my face get hot, because I was like excited to meet her, and I just felt bullied for no reason. And I really was so excited that she was even there.” 

Victoria says she has no beef with Kylie.


“In no way am I mad or saying this is who she still is, but this is just what happened to me. Just don’t bully people,” she said.

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