KXNG Crooked Wants Eminem & Joe Budden To Squash Their Beef

Slaughterhouse group member Kxng Crooked says he wants Eminem and Joe Budden to sit down and hash out their differences.

The pair have had a rocky relationship, with things reaching an all-time high after Budden honestly relapsed one of Eminem’s albums.

During a recent appearance on Smoothvega’s Nothing Beats Experience podcast, he says he wants the men to get along.


Crooked said he thinks that Budden will be back in the booth sometime in the future, but he needs to be careful how he uses it because he has a huge following.

He continued, “One day I’m hoping that him and Em will be able to sit down. They don’t gotta be friends again, they don’t got to be none of that. Just be men and sit down. Because guess what, they’re two, they cut from the same cloth. They really deep artists, they love their craft. If you listen to an Em stan and a Joe fan, it’s a lot of similarities. And they’re good dudes tryna to do the right thing. I just feel like all that was for no reason. I really wish that they would sit down and it might happen.”

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