Kxng Crooked Says Joe Budden Lost Slaughterhouse Their Record Deal

Kxng Crooked has responded to the drama surrounding Slaughterhouse and says Joe Budden cost the group their deal.

“I brought a situation to the table, I gave it one last shot. I didn’t even…maybe my laws of attraction, maybe I was so in doubt that it would happen that I was putting out the wrong frequency. But I was like, one more time, here’s a great deal fellas, we can put the music out, it can come out through a system that has nothing to do with the Universal system because that’s where all the people who were opposing Joe were, they were in the Universal system,” he said.

Budden claimed Kxng Crooked never reached out to him or responded to his calls and texts.

“So I went to a whole other system, said, okay, here’s another system, they can’t block you. They can’t hate on you. Here’s the deal, it’s negotiable give me a call.”

He continued, “Everybody call me but Joe. Joe said he don’t want to do the deal. I said tell Joe to call me and tell me why he doesn’t want to do the deal, what does he want. Look, we not gon’ go back and forth, I got juice with these people. You tell me what you want and that’s what we puttin’ in the paperwork, so the first time I present the paperwork to you, it’ll be closer to what your idea of a great situation is.”

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