Kxng Crooked Says Joe Budden Is To Blame For Slaughterhouse Issues

Kxng Crooked says Joe Budden is the reason for the decline of Slaughterhouse.

“Put yourself in the fans shoes for a minute. You’ve been waiting on one of your favorite groups in the world to drop an album for 10 years. Now behind the scenes, I’ve been taking flights to New York, go talk to Paul Rosenberg,” he said. “I’ve been taking flights to Detroit, talking to Em, talking to Royce, how can we put this back together? It’s not happened in 10 years. So you’re telling me you want me to wait again and then I saw something where Royce said that we weren’t waiting on anybody… that’s a lie.”

He continued: “So I need to address all this stuff because whenever they say that I just come back with the truth. You can attack my character my integrity, you could try to assassinate it and say that I’m a liar and I’m doing this for money and all that sh*t.”

Crooked and Joell Ortiz released a Slaughterhouse album without the knowledge of Budden and Royce Da 5’9.


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