Kodak Black Says He’s In Pain Following Gervonta Davis Plane Crash

Kodak Black was on the plane with Gervonta Davis when the boxer’s plane crashed last week.

Kodak says he’s still in a lot of pain.

“I Was On Dat Jet With @Gervontaa & Im Not Ok. Shittt Me, My Neck My Back all Dat,” the rapper wrote.

Davis went live on Instagram where he said he and his crew finished boarding the plane were preparing for takeoff. Unfortunately, the private jet did not take off properly and crashed while still at the airport.

The boxer said his butt was in pain.

“I got f*cking splinters in my feet. My ass is on fire. The plane didn’t even take off. It took off but it didn’t take off. I’m good, it’s just my ass hot. I’m sitting on this hot ass concrete,” he said in the video.

“My sh*t feels like it’s boiling…I can’t even sit yo,” he said. “You ever been whooped before, wet with a switch or a belt? That’s how my ass feel right now. I’m sweating, I’m shaking.”

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