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Kodak Black Says He Has To Fight Quando Rondo!!

Kodak Black claims that he is heading on tour with Youngboy NBA (who is sitting in a federal jail.)

He also says he is cool with Quando Rondo.

”But in the midst of that, me and Quando … I already told them me and Quando we gotta address a little fade or something,” Kodak said. “But a friendly one!”

Youngboy and Kodak were beefing after Kodak accused Youngboy of snitching on his girlfriend at the time after she got into a bloody altercation with his baby mama.

“[Kodak] say I cooperated,” Youngboy said. “For what, you stupid b*tch? Bout my wife?! Iyanna, get up. Come here. You talking about this girl right here? You talking about my wife? Inside my house that I pay for?”


But after the feds chased Youngboy and threw him in jail, Kodak changed his tone.

“Nah, I ain’t happy YB went to jail. F*ck I’m happy he went to jail for? That was my lil bruh at one point. The f*ck I’m happy for? We street n*ggas, that could be anybody.”