Kodak Black Roasts Gucci Mane For Calling Him A Clone!!

Kodak Black has had enough of all the clone jokes… and decided to unleash on Gucci Mane, who also joked about him being a clone.

“I’m talking ’bout is you a clone or not,” Gucci said to Kodak. “Because that’s what I heard. N*ggas say you a clone.”


Kodak then responded: “You know they got the software sh*t. You [are] me. You got all my clothes and you look like me, all kind of sh*t. You look like me in the face. Why you got all my clothes?” he jibed.

“When you said, ‘Is you a clone’ tonight, I should’ve hit you with, ‘Bitch, I might be,'” Kodak said. “That’s what I should’ve told your little ugly ass. You got that smooth-ass haircut with no waves on that muthaf*cka. All that muthaf*ckin pomade and you got no waves on there.”

When Gucci was first released from prison years back, people also accused him of being a clone.

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