Kodak Black Puts Lil Pump On Blast!!

Kodak Black has aired out Lil Pump for rocking his fresh, long polished nails on Instagram.

“What’s up, Lil Pump. I’m mad at you, lil bruh,” Kodak said via Instagram Live. “Don’t be doing all that finger nail polish bullsh*t. Leave that for Lil Yachty. Don’t do that sh*t, Lil Pump. See, when Lil Yachty do his sh*t, he be like, we don’t know. But when you do that sh*t, Lil Pump, it’s like you serious. Stop that sh*t, Lil Pump, or, I’ma block you.”

Pump showed off his nails earlier this week.

“2020, 2021, this is all I’m rocking. Don’t talk to me, please,” he boasted in a video.

Since Trump left office, Pump has been seeking attention any way he can. Pump endorsed Trump and promised to leave the United States and move to Colombia if Biden was elected president. It’s almost April, and Pump has still not hopped on a plane to Colombia. He has not mentioned leaving since then.

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