Kodak Black On Getting Shot: I’ll Take My Lick!!

Kodak Black showed off his gunshot wound to his followers.

“Nobody was like after us or we was after them or like, know what I’m saying? No hit or no crazy sh*t like that. It was just one of them nights,” he told The Breakfast Club.

“I’m the type of n*gga nobody gonna make me feel bad man,” Kodak said. “I’m gonna show you my scars, I’m highlighting myself so you gonna be like ‘oh haha you got punked,’ I’m laughing at my damn self. I be like man that n*gga shot me real good. I’m shot up good you hear me? Sh*t like that. That’s what I get you know what I’m saying?”

Charlamagne asked him what he meant.

“For latching onto these n*ggas and sh*t,” Kodak responded. “I know people ain’t fighting no more then it’s like sh*t I did a lot of sh*t Charlamagne, I’ll take my lick you heard me? I’m glad it wasn’t crazy or nothing, no whole other sh*t. I thank God every day since then, that sh*t could have been worse.”


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