Kodak Black Makes Hilarious Clone Jokes

Kodak Black is seeing the funny side to the allegations that he is a clone — and decided to crack a few jokes of his own on Instagram Live.

“They say give us a glee? I can’t say glee y’all know I’m a clown I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how. That’s the only thing that the software,” he said on IG Live after a fan asked him how to pronounce something.


Kodak blamed his failure to do so on a software update.

“You gotta understand like you gotta wait until like 2025 when the software is like all the way up to date, they ain’t gave me everything yet, know what I’m saying? It’s certain lil things I can’t do, like,” he said and then he went on to intentionally mispronounce his stage name, “Kodey-yack, Kodey-yack, Kodey-yack Black, know what I’m saying?”

Last week, Kodak went viral for roasting Gucci Mane who also jokingly claimed Kodak was a clone.

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