Kodak Black: I Want Trump Back In Office!!

Kodak Black is still grateful to Donald Trump for commuting his prison sentence during his last days in the White House — and the rapper wants Trump back in office.

“I would like to see Trump back in office. I wouldn’t give a damn if he let me out of prison anyway. I was still f*ckin’ with Trump, but him doing that, it’s like you got all my love and sh*t. You got all my love and support, most def’. And any n*gga or any bitch who don’t like that, that just shows that you ain’t a good person and you ain’t loyal. You ain’t loyal ’cause anybody reppin’ for you like that, they’ posed to… So you can’t look for me to not like buddy.”

He says in the clip.

Since being released from prison, he has repeatedly mentioned Trump, even rocking MAGA merchandise and wishing the former president a happy birthday.


Is it time for Kodak Black to move on and forget about Trump?

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