Kodak Black Goes Off On Biden For Not Legalizing Weed

Kodak Black ranted about President Joe Biden on Instagram Live because he has not legalized marijuana.

“Man, Trump dat n*gga boy, the f*ck,” Kodak said. “Trump dat n*gga. This n*gga Biden ain’t know nothin bro. This n*gga say he finna come thru and legalize weed [in his first 100 days]. Sh*t, he said he was gonna get in office, legalize weed federally. I really need for that sh*t to be legalized federally.”

Kodak has been riding for Trump ever since Trump commuted his sentence.

“I want to thank Trump, Donald Trump, the honorable president, the honorable DT, you know what i’m saying? Without him I wouldn’t be here with y’all right now. My family, my fans and friends, everybody.. I guess I’m conscious to know and understand that, man that sh*t’s inhumane. That sh*t’s crazy for [me] to really be celebrating that [I’ve] been home [for] a year, dog. So that’s what it is, you know, I take everything with a grain of salt,” he said last month.

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