Kodak Black Celebrates Anniversary Of Being Freed From Prison Sentence

It’s been a year since Kodak Black was freed from prison, and the rapper expressed his gratitude for Donald Trump while wearing his MAGA hat.

“Since I was 14, out these same projects right here, I won’t never able to catch a whole year on the streets. So, yesterday I was celebrating a year of freedom. Steady in and out of juvie, detention center, programs, county jail, prison, sh*t like that. I see everybody doing 10-year challenge and sh*t like that. So, it’s a big accomplishment for me. For my milestones, so I can get to my real goals and all that sh*t,” he said in the video.

Kodak was one of several people Trump pardoned on his last day in office.

“I want to thank Trump, Donald Trump, the honorable president. The honorable DT. Without him, I wouldn’t be here with y’all right now. My family, my fans and friends. So, everybody thank that boy. He freed me. On 1/20/21.”


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