Kodak Black Beefs On Instagram Live w/ Jackboy!!

Kodak Black hopped on Instagram Live to confront Jackboy while Jackboy was addressing his fans.

“Don’t hang up,” Kodak says.

“I’m not ’bout to be on this lame-ass sh*t with you. I had your password? Yes or no?” he asked Kodak.

Kodak had accused Jackboy of posting a Youngboy NBA diss from his page.

“You was posting on my page,” Kodak says.

Then Jackboy asked, “Did I whip you when we was jits rapping your song?” 

“I bust your sh*t!” Kodak says. Jackboy soon ended the live session.

That same day, Kodak said this about Jackboy: “[Jackboy] was posting on my sh*t while I was in prison. N*gga had my Instagram. Yeah, he told me he was gonna post it. So, I said, ‘Aight, go ahead. You my little n*gga.’ [Then] he posted that lame-ass sh*t.”


Jackboy denies he had access to Kodak’s Instagram account. The pair were once close friends but it looks like their friendship is over.

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