Kodak Black Accuses Lil Baby & Pooh Shiesty Of Stealing His Style!!

On Monday, Kodak Black accused rappers Lil Baby and Pooh Shiesty of copying his style.

The newly freed rapper posted a video of himself with bills going down his leg. 

“I was just listening to my boy Lil Baby’s song. He was on my dawg Lil Durk song. He say, uh, ‘Postin’ money on the ‘Gram, I invented that.’ That’s some crazy sh*t. Stop playin’ Lil Baby. This was in 2016. Spread game too nasty.” In the background, Kodak and his crew can be heard saying “Blrrrd,” — a popular Pooh Shiesty ad-lib.

Kodak also wrote, “This is just a matter of fact! I ain’t dissing nobody, ion even know y’all. I’m just sayin. and this is not to say the respect level ain’t on either side, but you know.”


Kodak also posted in a follow up video: “Before you all think a n*gga being petty, I don’t really give a f*ck about none of this sh*t, man. I ain’t married to none of these anthems. This sh*t ain’t about nothing. I’m really just putting this sh*t out there. Y’all let me have my sh*t, man. Y’all know y’all f*cked up about me. Y’all know I’m a big influence to you n*ggas. Y’all like putting the respect on my sh*t.”

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