Kobe’s Daughter Natalia Releases New Model Pics; Fans Wonder If She Had Surgery!!

Kobe Bryant’s 18 year old daughter Natalia Bryant just signed on to be a new model for IMG Models, the top modeling agency in the world. Natalia takes after both her parents. She has her father’s height and grace, and her mom’s beauty.

Vanessa, Kobe’s widow, proudly posted images of her model daughter on Instagram – and it seemed like everyone was happy for the Bryant family.

Here are some pics that Natalia’s mom posted online:

But it’s 2021 . . . so you knew that there had to be a few haters.


MTO News learned that a small group of people are claiming that they believe that Natalia underwent some sort of surgery – possibly to her nose – to change her appearance.

Those haters – who are operating with zero evidence – are claiming that Natalia looked different in earlier images.

Here’s a picture of Natalia and her father from 3 years ago.

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