Kirk Franklin’s Son Says He Was MOLESTED; Implies Kirk May Have Done It!!

Last week, Kirk Franklin’s son Kerrion got into a bitter argument with his father, gospel legend Kirk Franklin – and got cursed out.

Now Kerrion is saying more about their fraught relationship- and seem to be making some pretty serious allegations.

MTO News has learned that a new video leaked where Kerrion made an explosive allegation to a group of friends. In the video, Kerrion’s friends start playing a Kirk Franklin song, and Kerrion can be heard saying “thanks for playing my molester’s music.”

Many on social media who watched the video claim that Kerrion may have been suggesting that his father abused him. But Kerrion never specifically made those claims.

First off, the song that Kerrion’s friends claimed was not solely created by Kirk. So Kerrion may have been referring to another person credited with creating the song.

Second, Kirk has claimed in the past that Kerrion suffers from mental health issues – so he could possibly be deluded by mental illness into believing something happened that didn’t.

Another alternative, is that Kerrion is just lying on his father.

Listen to what Kerrion said for yourself:

We shouldn’t have to wait long for clarity from Kerrion. He went on social media a few days ago and promised to do a full interview and “speak his truth.”

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