King Von’s ‘Friends’ Robbed His DEAD BODY – Caught On Video! (Vid)

Chicago rap superstar King Von was shot and killed early Friday morning, after an alleged shootout between Von, his crew and associates of rival rapper Quando Rondo.

Now MTO News has learned that King Von’s cousin is claiming that after Von was shot dead, his own friends turned around and robbed him.

Here’s video footage which purportedly shows Von’s friends stealing from him:

The video was taken a few hours after King Von was pronounced dead. His friends had been staying with King Von at his Atlanta house. But after they learned that King Von was no longer alive, they left his home – and allegedly looted it.

In the video, taken at King Von’s Atlanta home – his friends can be seen running out of Von’s home, carrying bags and bags of clothing. 

Von’s family claims that the rapper’s friends looted the home, stealing nearly all of the rapper’s valuables before leaving.


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