‘King Richard’ On Verge Of Homelessness: Venus & Serena’s Dad’s Home In Foreclosure!!


Venus & Serena’s dad Richard Williams’ life is the subject of Will Smith’s new biopic, King Richard. The movie is about the sacrifices the father made, to ensure that his daughters would become stars in the tennis world.

Well MTO News has some sad news about the current state of Richard’s life. His house is in foreclosure and he’s on the verge of homelessness. It’s the Florida home, featured in King Richard, where he first moved to in Orlando.

And so far, it doesn’t look like his daughters Serena or Venus are prepared to bail out their dad.

According to Richard, his ex-wife (not Venus and Serena’s mom, but the younger woman he married after her) forged his name on a deed to transfer the fully paid off home into her name. Richard said she then took out a mortgage on the property without his permission.

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And it wasn’t any old mortgage. Richard told the court that his ex took money from a “hard lender” with bad terms. She reportedly used the money to set up a trucking company that failed soon after opening.

The lender is now foreclosing, MTO News confirmed. Payments were not made on time and the home is now set to be sold as part of a foreclosure auction on February 21.

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