Kim Kardashian Unveils NEW Face: Twitter Says She Now Looks Like Trans-Person

Kim Kardashian has been searching for a new look – ever since she and husband Kanye West announced they were splitting up. Well now MTO News has images of Kim’s latest “new” face, and it’s quite a transformation.

Kim’s new look is completely different from her old one. For starters, she changed her hair color and her eyebrows to blonde. She also got a deep tan and appears to have gotten some facial fillers.

When you put all those changes together – she looks very different, MTO News has learned.

Here’s a pic of what Kim looks like now.

Here’s what she used to look like, before:

Kim seems to like her new look, but many on social media are not as happy with it.


Some are claiming that with Kim’s new face, has her looking like a trans-person. Here are just a sample of the comments that you can find on Twitter:

Most these broads be Unrecognizable without all that camouflage on their face

Bruh all the people around Kim and none of them told her this a bad look???

Very reminiscent of that versace lady tho

She looks like a [transperson]. Are we sure she still has all her lady parts.

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