Kim Kardashian Speaks On Kanye West’s Instagram Posts

Kim Kardashian spoke about Kanye West’s social media attacks in her interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

“I think that’s just who I am,” she explained. I always such a good example in my mom and dad’s relationship, so I’m always just hopeful that no matter what goes on, it’s the father of my kids,” she said. “I’ll always be protective. I always just want my kids to see the best of the best, so I just try to — as hard as it can be sometimes — I just try to ignore it and just try to do just whatever’s best for the kids. Take the high road.”

Kim has been accused of keeping Kanye from his kids. The rapper is not happy that she has moved on.

She continued, “But I also think sometimes these are lessons. This was put in my life for a reason and these challenges, and I just think I try to really — as hard as it is — I try to sit still sometimes and say, ‘OK, what is this lesson? What am I meant to learn from it? How can I get through it and what is this challenge put in my life? I know that sounds super zen; it’s just really what I do.”

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