Kim Kardashian Shoots Her Shot At Drake Before Leaking Distorted Booty Pics!


Kim Kardashian hoped to make news today, after she leaked some bikini pics on Instagram. And while she’s making news – it’s NOT what she expected.

First off, fans noticed that Kanye’s soon to be ex-wife has been conspicuously liking pics of Drake.

MTO News has confirmed that recently Kim liked a picture of Kanye’s ex-friend, Drake. The pic – which has not been widely spread over social media, shows Drake entering into his SUV in Los Angeles. 

Here’s the post that Kim liked:

And here’s confirmation that Kim liked it:

Kanye and Drake are sort of like frenemies. They were cool, until rumors began spreading that Drake and Kim Kardashian had a fling when they were neighbors in Calabasas. Drake reportedly added fuel to the fire with some of his lyrics.

At the time, the rumors grew so strong that they even caused Kanye to go on several rants on Twitter about Drake. 


Second, after liking Drake’s pics Kim released some pics of her own – bikini pics. But …Kim may not have gotten the response she wanted from either Drake or from fans as the pics showed Kim’s booty looking a bit distorted. It’s not clear whether the distortion though was caused by poor photoshopping, or botched butt surgery.

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