Kim Kardashian Helping Pete Davidson w/ His Career

Kim Kardashian is reportedly helping Pete Davidson become a Hollywood star.

“It takes a lot for Kim to truly be amused, or impressed, with someone’s talent and Kim really is. She has really been helping Pete to have the confidence and ability to go after anything that he wants,” the source told HollywoodLife.

 “He knows what niche he fits into. Pete’s ultimate acting goals are to star in comedy movies and have a similar career to some of the greats that came before him, such as Chevy Chase,” the source said. So how can Kim, who has built and empire out of a reality show, help facilitate this? “Kim is helping Pete in a number of ways,” the source said.

The couple are still enjoying each other’s company. Kim is going to help Pete get the bag.

“She lets him know straight up what is funny and what is not. Kim also knows the fine line not to cross and she has been showing him how clear that line is,” says the insider. “For his current projects, Pete is bouncing ideas off Kim, and he’s been discussing scripts and projects with her. She gives him honest advice on whether something he is interested in fits with his ultimate vision of having a long-lasting career as an A-list actor.”

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