Kim Kardashian Feeling ‘Free’ Following Kanye West Split

Kim Kardashian is reportedly feeling much freer after filing from divorce from her estranged husband, Kanye West.

“Kim is over the moon in life right now. She does love Kanye and worries about him all of the time, but she’s realizing she’s not his mother and she can’t make him do things to take care of himself,” a source told HL.

Kanye turned into a conservative Christian during their marriage, and openly stated that he did not like to see his wife posting sexy pics on social media.

“This has been a free path for her to be able to have a second to breathe,” continued the source. “She’s finally free to enjoy herself and the world is opening up. That’s why she’s going out and enjoying herself and finally having a good time.”

The source says Kim is enjoying not being under Kanye’s control.


“Right now, Kim is coming to terms with the fact that this situation is out of her control,” the source added. “She’s been trying to control it for so long, but she’s let go of the control. She feels happy which she never thought she’d get to be again. It took her a long time to let go of that control.”

She’s already back to posting raunchy pics on the Gram.

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