Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want To Talk To Her Kids About Kris Humphries

Years ago, Kim Kardashian famously married and then divorced NBA star Kris Humphris in just 72 hours.

She now says she doesn’t want to ever have to explain that man to her children.

“They do the crying scene from Bora Bora, pretty much all my crying scenes,” Kim says while laughing. “She’ll come in and go, ‘Mom, I lost my earring!’ She’ll, like, do that as a joke and I’m like, ‘You have no idea what that is.'” 


“I’m just thinking like they’re going to watch it at some point,” Scott says, speaking to Kim about their kids watching the show when they’re older. “It’s their life. At what point do we sit them down and say, ‘You’re allowed to go through these seasons and see what mom and dad did all these years?'”

“I don’t really want to explain who Kris Humphries is,” she said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She should probably tell them before somebody else does.

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